Should I get the COVID vaccine?


Struggling with whether or not to get the vaccine? Let me help you put your mind at ease and determine the decision that’s best for you. As the founder and CEO of QOL Medical LLC, a company focused on solutions for rare pediatric diseases and having served as CEO of ANU LLC to develop radio-sensitizing treatments for head and neck cancers, and as the co-founder and CEO of Neovia Oncology, a company developing first-in-class multi-target combination treatments for the most aggressive forms of cancer, I can safely say, that I’ve done my fair share of research when it comes to ensuring medicines are as safe and effective as possible. I did a ton of research on the vaccine, and I looked at all sides of the coin.I hope my video gives you the guidance you’re looking for to make the decision that is right for you and accept it positively.Watch the full video on whether or not you should get the COVID vaccine. Cheers,TrevP.S. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for timely golden nuggets of information that can help you navigate your way through what’s coming over the next four or five years so you can realize your biggest dream.

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