The Power Of Intentions Part 4 – Time is an Illusion


I wanted to follow up on our previous discussions regarding the 5 “Ps” of my Intention Setting formula.Today, we will delve into the final and most crucial “P” in the process – the use of past or present tense.This step is often overlooked by those on the path to living a magical, intentional life – leading to disastrous results.When we use phrases such as “someday I will,” “maybe,” or “I can’t wait until,” we inadvertently assume the role of the metaphysical donkey following the carrot.Our intentions will always be a few steps ahead of us…One way this could show up is as loops that keep repeating themselves in your life – you finally have a fair amount of money coming in, and all of a sudden, you have bills for almost the same amount.This is just one simple example, but I’m sure you can point to your own life and find many other moments that fit this or a similar pattern.Sounds like a pretty frustrating life to me, wouldn’t you agree?In today’s video, I will share with you how to avoid these pitfalls and craft a potent and effective intention.By using past or present tense, we can bring our intentions into the present moment and begin to experience them in our lives, here and now.Finally making forward progress.By taking the time to educate yourself on these concepts, you are already ahead of 95% of your peers, already pulling yourself out of the quicksand, and I am excited to share this final chapter with you.I greatly look forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing your results.


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