Grief and How to Move Forward rather than Move On


The challenge is to discuss dealing with grief in 20 minutes or less. It feels like a really tough school exam. You know? At first, when I was asked this, I was a bit indignant because I was going through grief. My wife died in December of last year, and we were happily married.It’s not something that you can distill in 20 minutes, and it would be insulting and condescending to think that I could sit on a YouTube video and, in 20 minutes, be of any benefit to someone else.So I walked away from the task until now,And I’m not one to shy away from a challenge. I thought you know what? I’ll do it this way, and I’ll talk about grief in a way that’s beneficial for people grieving in 20 minutes or less. Watch the full video on Grief and How to Move Forward rather than Move On.Cheers,TrevP.S. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for timely golden nuggets of information that can help you navigate your way through what’s coming over the next four or five years so you can realize your biggest dream.

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