How to Start a Business with Zero Employees


I grew up in poverty, and eventually, I decided to start my own companies. I’ve built six companies in less than 20 years; three have already sold for a combined value of over 300 million. The other three, I’m still working on. I work on them all at the same time. I work on them from my home office. I’ve never had another employee for any company, and I never work more than five hours a day. If I’m honest, I’ll have to include making this video into my work for the day to justify saying this, as I don’t want to work more than two hours a day.And people find it hard to believe. So now you can say, “okay, this guy has the right to try and help me achieve better outcomes in my life than I’m having right now.” That’s all this is about. But one of the many questions I get asked is how is it possible to build a company, never hiring an employee?

Watch the full video on how to start a business with zero employees.



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