Business Case Competition Meets Costume Party

We’re approaching the end of February and with that, the exciting contest my team and I put together for you all is also slowly wrapping up.Have you taken advantage of this special opportunity?Take a look at the full details and how, you too, can participate right HERE. (less than 4 minutes)So, what is this special opportunity?We’re having a party of sorts to celebrate the launch of my new book, Secrets to a Successful Startup.My goal is to have some fun and help to create community among us entrepreneurs…Kind of a ‘Lets see what we’re made of’!Have you ever been to a costume party where people won prizes for things like Best Costume, Most Original, Most Timely Concept, etc.?Well, whether you have or you haven’t…We’re having our own kind of ‘costume party’ with prizes and everything!Think of it as a ‘Business case competition meets costume party‘…because each entry must showcase your take on my new book, which is all about Starting, Surviving, and Thriving in Your Own Venture.How to participate:Step 1) Get a copy of the book and decide what you want to make your contest entry about… you can do that here, if you haven’t already.Step 2) Pick a category to run for (or multiple) and start creatively brainstorming how to WIN. What’s going to stand out and get you and your business noticed? (We’ll send out more details on Friday to give you an idea of what we’ll be looking for in each category.)Here are a few examples:Staff Picks’ postPeople’s Choice Award (Most Shared Post)Most Creative PostFunniest Image PostMost Thoughtful PostBest Video PostBest “Why is this the best time to start my business NOW?” PostFavorite Quote from the Book PostStep 3) Get your “Wow!” content put together and ready to post on Facebook and/or Instagram.Step 4) When you post your entry, please use the hashtag #trevorblakestartupsecrets so my team can find you. Be sure to note somewhere in the post which category you’re running for, i.e. Running for “Most Creative Post” #trevorblakestartupsecretsStep 5) Await the Winners Announcement! I’ll be personally reviewing all posts along with my team.If you WIN, claim your prize! We’ll confirm what the prizes will be on Friday, February 29.Stay tuned.I encourage you to start getting your best ideas together…before we fully wrap up with the contest!Keep in mind that your post needs to be up on social media (Facebook and/or Instagram) on or before February 29.I hope you’ll join me in this fun endeavor this month!Now is the time to get creative. Integrate your business’s purpose into your post. Show us who you are. Wow us!We’ll be watching for you…Cheers,TrevorP.S. Also did you see the Jumpstart Your Startup Bundle + Experience? I told you we had a lot up our sleeves for my book launch this month..

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