Time, Energy and Cycles

If time is an illusion… what then is left?Energy.There is only energy and its experience of itself.Energy can be neither created nor destroyed… only changed into another format like a movie or a life, like freedom or intolerance, like love or fear, like health or illness. These are opposites — and they are so because energy moves in cycles with an equal phase above as below. Negative and positive are one cycle. Yin-yang is one cycle. A pulse is one cycle.Energy pulses.What’s fascinating about energy is its repetitive nature. It moves in cycles as it experiences itself through a full phase. Then it pulses. It repeats. Once fully experienced it repeats itself. It pulses.  All cycles pulse and if we allow our consciousness to observe it as duration then we experience cycles repeated over ‘time.’ You have the same stressful work experiences, the same relationship experiences, the same financial experiences. All pulsing in your life as repetitive cycles because you choose to observe time as linear. All around you history repeats, markets repeats, politics repeats.Equally negative and positive. As above, so below. Over and over… Cheers,Trev

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