The Value of Cycles

For a long time, I’ve been interested in cycles. Not the 2-wheeled variety, although mountain biking the canyons in California was — 15 years and 15 less pounds ago — one of my favorite pastimes.Today, I’m fascinated by statistical cycles, whether historical, financial, or cosmological.Cycles analysis is all about identifying patterns through time and using them to make life decisions. Of course, such a science can also be pseudo-science. It’s not difficult to pick a current event and then look back in time to find something similar and link to it, thereby creating a ‘coincidental’ cycle.Proper cycles analysis is complex and requires mathematics way above my pay grade. And a reliable expert is not found online on the cheap.Over the last couple of decades, I’ve tried and tested many experts. Most have been found lacking as far as a track record, with just the occasional lucky hit. My motivation for doing this was getting caught off guard by the dot-com crash. In hindsight, I should have seen it coming…It closely reflected several historical cycles all the way back to the Tulip Bubble, which imploded in 1637 (wiping out many of the financial elite of the time).Today, I have just 3 experts I follow closely… I’ve already shared one of those experts, who’s in the financial markets, on my private FB groups (see my P.S.below to connect there). He’s the reason that I went all cash before 2008 — then again for the second time in November last year. And what he has to say on current events is very much worth listening to. Prevention is always better than cure. There’s one cycle that most everyone considers around this time of Easter celebration: the ultimate cycle of birth, death and rebirth. And the symbol for this cycle, in nearly all religious or pagan festivals, is the egg.Hedonists (like me) like to point to the symbolic significance of the egg in cultures around the world:As far back as 5000 years ago, Chinese legends tell of a cosmic egg at their center — including the idea that the first being was born of an egg.Even painting eggs is a longstanding tradition…Ancient Egyptians believed in a primeval egg from which the sun god hatched and painted eggs can be found in many graves.Hinduism makes a connection between the content of the egg and the structure of the universe: for example, the shell represents the heavens, the white the air, and the yolk the earth.And according to the Vedic writings, the cosmic egg has a spirit living within it which will be born, die, and be born yet again.So on and so on.Ironically, the egg is none of those things really. I’m sure you’ve heard the riddle about ‘Which came first — the chicken or the egg?’ Some call it a philosophical question but, actually, it’s not. The chicken came first, or rather its ancestor, the Jungle Fowl. Jungle Fowls gave birth to live young, but as the climate warmed and more predators evolved, the newborn developed a protective placenta. With more warming, the placenta hardened until it became the shell we know today.This year, however, the traditional egg hunt is not likely to go ahead or, if it does, it will not be in a public place. With everyone in splendid isolation, this Easter is going to be a strange one, and I’m sure it will be the cause of much reflection in small gatherings all over.No matter… you can adopt one of the other traditional ways to celebrate Easter. Here’s one that sounds like a lot more fun than hunting painted eggs, popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was called ‘lifting’ or ‘heaving’ (no, not the kind of heaving some people do after drinking too much on Easter :).Basically, it consisted of surprising a person by lifting them into the air and receiving a kiss in return as a reward. Both Easter Monday and Easter Tuesday were known as ‘heaving-day‘, because on Monday it was the tradition for men to ‘heave and kiss the women’… and on Tuesday for the women to do the same to the men. The practice died out — probably, I assume, due to head injuries. The ceilings in cottages back then were only about 6 feet high.Regardless of whether you do an egg hunt or your preferred kind of ‘heaving’, I and the team of Mathes, Lara and Kevin — who make everything I write look so professional — wish you a happy Easter celebration.Cheers,Trev

P.S. Like many of you, I don’t ‘do’ social media, and I was highly reluctant to get involved in even private groups on FB and Google. But… I’ve seen the benefit of being with a group where there is, above all else, a voice of reason. I think you’ll find they’re safe havens in crazy times… so give them a go.You’ll find them the groups here:One of the groups is open to everyone. Just click the link to join:The 5-Hour WorkdayI also have 2 private Facebook groups (email for how to join)Secrets to a Successful StartupTransformationAnd yes, I want you to buy my books and courses because they’ll make a difference for you. You, in turn, will be helping someone else — all my proceeds, 100%, go to cancer R&D.You get valuable information… and the price helps real patients get sponsored care in a real cancer clinic.It’s why I keep doing this… although it’s surprisingly fun, too. It’s a true win-win.

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