The Power Of Intentions – Part 1 – Supercharge Your Success


Goal Setting and Intention Setting can sometimes become confused with each other.As I explain in this video and the videos to follow – they are two completely different things.Goal setting is putting Mountain Dew in a race car and expecting to win the race.Setting a proper Intention is like teleporting across the finish line.I have used my Intention setting formula (along with a few other techniques I teach) to go from a 43-year-old working a stereotypical office job to selling multiple companies for multiple nine figures in a relatively short amount of time.I don’t say that to brag, but I do think it is necessary to lend some credence to what I have to say.These techniques work equally for everyone at all times.The most successful among us use these techniques every day, and I think it’s time that they found their way into the hands of wonderful people like yourself.As I said above, this is a multiple video series where I will go over what I call “The 5 P’s of Intention Setting” – my formula for creating intentions and setting them into motion.

In this video, I covered the first 2 “P’s”:1) Powerful – Intentions MUST be powerful.2) Private – Intentions MUST be kept private.I will be hosting a free, 2-day webinar on March 21st & 22nd all about how to properly harness the power of your Intentions. We will go deep on the subject and there will be opportunities for questions and answers.You can reserve your seat for that webinar by clicking here:

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