Neville Goddard and How to Use the Imagination


Are you stuck thinking about things you don’t want in life? Did you know that you were born to be successful, fulfilled, and joyful?The Law of Thermodynamics explains that energy can be converted: it cannot be created or destroyed. All the energy that can exist already exists, but it can be converted into other forms.My background in Physics helps me understand this more profoundly. The energy can be an emotion, a thought, an idea, or for me, building a company that makes an impact in the world, that has a purpose. I have done this successfully six times in my time as an entrepreneur.In this video, I will share about Neville Goddard and how he suggested that we can use our imagination. I will also give you some ideas on how to reinterpret the world in terms of imagination so you can create all kinds of magic in your life.Watch the full video to figure out how you can use your imagination to create your best life.Cheers,TrevP.S. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for timely golden nuggets of information that can help you navigate your way through what’s coming over the next four or five years so you can realize your biggest dream.

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