Intuition (Avoid It At Your Peril :)

Women’s intuition has always fascinated me… and if I could bottle it and sell it online to men, I’d probably soon be the richest person on earth.Not long after I married, an investment opportunity came my way through someone I knew well and had worked with successfully for a number of years. He was perfectly qualified to find and present the opportunity, and I was keen to get involved. After a few meetings with him, I had pretty much made my decision to move forward.While preparing dinner one night, I asked my wife, Lyn, what she thought about the opportunity. She listened intently and seemed enthusiastic… until the moment I mentioned the man’s name. Mind you, she’d never met this man (in fact I’d never mentioned him to her before then). No sooner had his name left my lips when Lyn said, ‘He’s bad news. Don’t get involved with him.’At first I was taken aback… then switched into indignation. How can you possibly say that when you don’t know him and have never met him? I wanted to know.  It seemed a grossly unfair judgement. But she simply shrugged, ‘He’s bad news. It won’t go well. It’s up to you. I’m just saying.’Of course, I dismissed her intuitive advice and went ahead with the investment. At first, things seemed to be going really well…Fast forward to one year later: The man absconded with the money, and I was left temporarily broke. It was an expensive lesson.Today, no matter what the project is on my desk, I ask Lyn what she thinks about it even though she doesn’t understand much of it. We don’t talk about work at home, so I just mention the topic or the name of the vendor or investor I’m working with and she gives an instant positive or warning comment. When a new person pops into my life, I simply run the person’s name by Lyn… it’s a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ gesture.I’ve also benefited from her intuition in our private life more times than I can count. I recall clearly one day when we were eating breakfast together and our two dogs, Freddie & Mabel, were lying by my feet in the kitchen.‘Something’s wrong with Mabel,’ Lyn said suddenly. I looked down at two perfectly content dogs, both just having all but inhaled their bowls of food. I countered that they seemed alright to me.‘I think she needs to go to the vet,’ she implored. Again, I argued that she seemed fine to me. What would I say to the vet? ‘She seems fine to me but Lyn has a feeling about her?’ That seemed not only daft, but a complete waste of the vet’s time.For the next two hours, I dismissed all her concerns. Then, when she started to get angry with me, I remembered about her intuition. Partly responding to that (and partly to avoid a big row), I conceded to take Mabel to the vet. Mabel leapt in the car with all her normal energy and enthusiasm and, on the drive to the vet, I apologized to her for what she was about to unnecessarily go through.When I arrived, I blurted out my feeble reason for being there, but the male vet just smiled. He said he’d had many year’s experience of women’s intuition being the only thing that saved an animal’s life. Feeling chastened, I sat back as he performed a routine examination.Mabel’s temperature was raised slightly, but not enough to cause much concern. Then, as he felt around her lower abdomen, the expression on the vet’s face changed to one of alarm. To cut a long story short, within an hour Mabel was undergoing surgery for a serious intestinal problem. Two days later, Mabel was home and on the path to recovery. But I could still hear the vet’s last words to me as we left his care, ‘If you had brought her in even one hour later, she would have died.’There are two obvious discussion points here:One is about understanding this feminine power of intuition. The other is why do men like me still refuse to listen to their partners and their own inner dialogue?Intuition isn’t just for the serious stuff in life. For years, I have taken part in an annual soccer fantasy league with a bunch of equally soccer-mad mates. Seeing how much fun I had with it, and also because she has met and enjoyed the company of most of the participants over the years, Lyn asked if she could join up. She hid her gender as the only woman in the league behind the name Bewildered.Turns out Bewildered has won all three years since.What the other participants don’t know (as they give serious study to injury lists, team form, and historical scores) is that Lyn leaves her predictions until the last possible moment… and then completes her prediction online in less than a minute. I watch her do it and she puts no apparent thought into it.What about you?Have you ever had a moment when you felt as though something wasn’t right? Perhaps stepping into a parking lot late at night, or feeling negative around someone without knowing why? And if you’ve experienced this before, have you shrugged it off as illogical nonsenseWe’re great at dismissing this powerful force called intuition. It’s an ancient force… one our ancestors used to warn of a coming storm or enemy, but also to help track food, water and shelter. I’ve always wanted to know more about Intuition. What is it? How does it work? How to get more of it?In answer to these questions, I developed simple tools that anyone can use to deepen their connections. These days my intuition is good. It will never match Lyn’s, but it’s better than most people’s and it has been essential in my business life, especially when it comes to choosing the right vendors, investors, or making critical strategy decisions. The good news is that you don’t have to become as good at it as Lyn, either. You just have to make small improvements, deeper connections, and then everything changes for the better.Cheers,Trevor

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