I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues

What do I like about being independent?Oh, let me count the ways…For starters, I don’t get the ‘Monday morning blues’ anymore. None of that 9 – 5, 5-days a week business.And I make sure, as much as possible, that weekends are sacrosanct for leisure. Having time freedom definitely has its perks.This week, I noticed the eggs sell-by-date was well expired and I fancied an egg for breakfast, so I went to the local store and bought a few groceries. At the checkout counter I greeted the girl with a cheery ‘Happy Monday morning to you.’She looked at me as if I were a madman.“I hate Mondays.’ she replied. I asked her why and she told me it was because she was another week older. So I shared with her my ageing system and this quote about a life well lived: ‘I intend to live to the age of 90 when, on my 90th birthday,I will die from a single bullet to the head fired from the gun… of a jealous lover.’With that quote swimming around her head, and her hand reaching for the emergency red phone, I explained the rest… which brought a smile to her face.Because I Intend to live to 90, I counted my age from 1 to 45 the normal way. From there (the halfway point), I decided to count backwards. The math looks like this:At 50 I was 40 and starting to feel a little middle-age blubber again.. At 60 I’ll be only 30, probably experiencing the 7-year itch. (I missed that on the way up, but maybe it will happen on the way down?)In my 70s, I’ll behave like a moody teenager and, in my 80s, like a child again…Full of wonder and awe… desperate for ice cream and candy.It works for me, and it should work for you.It’s all attitude.And attitude is simply formed by mentality.



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