How To Use A Lockdown To Get Rich (part 2)

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Reading biographies isn’t the only hobby among the rich…Millionaires also spend more time exercising — nearly 6 hours a week compared to the average American’s weekly 2 hours.Millionaires may have more time to exercise because they spend less time on social media: The average American spends 14 hours a week on social media compared to the average millionaires’ 2 hours a week.I spend zero time on social media other than private FB groups for like-minded wizards.I spend time writing the articles because I enjoy writing and hope the article will make a positive impact for the readers, but I have zero interest in wading through a bunch of selfies, pictures of lunch plates, or ill-informed opinions of a mass mindset.My golden rule is that if it doesn’t help your personal and business growth, ditch it.Another common habit for the successful is how they start their mornings.Billionaire Richard Branson exercises before breakfast and is a fan of playing tennis. He stays active by kite-surfing, swimming, and cycling. Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour also rises early to get her exercise in, waking up every morning at 5:45 AM to play tennis.For the startup company, I suggest exercising in between your work periods during the 5-hour day. I estimate I exercise about 90 minutes a day walking or cycling.Tom Corley, in his Rich Habits Study, found that 44% of wealthy people wake up 3 hours before work starts, compared to just 3% of poor people.They don’t check email first thing either…Some make a habit of meditating or writing in a journal, reading something educational, or getting a head start on an important project. Some simply have a healthy breakfast and get some exercise.Generally, wealthy people leave their inbox for later in the day. I know a lot of people whose first activity in the day is checking their inbox or text lists. I’d rather do other things first and typically leave my messages until 2 hours into the day.Last but not least, I want to mention one other important difference in the wealthy and non-wealthy…Corley states that 67% of rich people watch television for one hour or less per day, while only 23% of poor people limit their TV intake. They also generally avoid reality shows – only 6% of the wealthy watch them, compared to 78% of the non-wealthy.Why is this so relevant in today’s climate?Because during this period of staying indoors, the temptation to watch TV is even greater.Be careful with those neurons: TV-fear headlines can turn them to mush so limit your TV time.Instead, why not read some good books and get more exercise?You’ll certainly be in good company.CheersTrev

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