How to Get Connected to Anyone

One profound learning I took from him [Steve Jobs] is that we don’t have to accept the world we are born into as something that is fixed and impermeable. When you zoom in it is just atoms like us and they move all the time. And through energy and force of will and intention and focus, we can actually change it. Move it. ~ Lauren Powell Jobs

For many people, this concept is mind-boggling, so much so that it’s easier to ignore than face its consequences. 

I find talking about it is the easiest way to clear out a crowded room.

Rather than contemplate it, most people prefer to think of this scientific fact as some form of new-age fantasy. 

When we ignore it, however, our lives can stumble along chaotically and we feel out of control. We become just one grouping of atoms bumping into other groupings in a purposeless fashion.

But what if we decide we don’t want to drift through life like tumbleweed being blown across a cosmic wasteland? 

What if we make the effort to direct our will and intention and focus on the atoms that make up everything we perceive? 

What happens when we zoom in?

As philosopher Alan Watts would say: All life then becomes a playing of energy.

And so begins the adventure…

The best process I’ve found to teach people is to take them through an experience. 

We begin with the grouping of atoms that is at first perceived by our 3-dimensional, 5-sensory body. Then, through a ‘playing of energy,’ we learn and practice the art of will, Intention and focus… such that we take control of our lives. 

We change our perceived world. 

As Lauren Jobs says: We move it. 

We create our experiences with intention — just as she learned from her creative husband who seemed to have fun playing with energy in a way that impacted all of us.

Sounds complicated, right?

Did you know, however, that if Steve Jobs had built a machine to house all the atoms of all 7 billion people on this planet, it would need to be only a one-centimeter cube? 

Yep, that’s right… and we wouldn’t even fill it. There’d be space for a few more billion people as well. 

It’s not complicated at all to move our physical world 

Our physical world is, in reality, quite small — and our energy, will, focus and intention are quite large in comparison.

You see, our perceived world is mostly what is between the atoms. In between the atoms is an energy field. 

For centuries, humankind thought there was empty space, but we now know every atom and its circulating electrons is connected to every other atom in the universe by an energy field. 

I call it ‘cosmic glue’ because it helps me visualize it.

This cosmic glue, named the Higgs Field, connects you and me right now as you’re reading this article. 

As you read this, you can deliberately focus your intention on me and we connect. And we can’t stop it because we’re in the cosmic glue together. 

Where your intention and focus go… so goes your connection 

Students in my Transformation course learn to feel it, and then to play with intention to create a life of fun and dreams. 

Your intention and focus connect your grouping of atoms wherever you focus your intention:

  • to the grouping of atoms you perceive as the device you are reading this on
  • to the groupings of atoms called a chair that you’re sitting on
  • to the solar system where, as you read this, your grouping of atoms called you is spinning and moving at over 3 million miles an hour

If you want to play a little with this energy while you’re spinning through the universe like a Waltzer, why not focus back in time to the dawn of the universe or forward to the most distant star? Because they are also groupings of atoms — and in between is the same cosmic glue connecting you and everything else.

Too mind-boggling?

Okay, well, why not just focus your intention on finding the perfect partner, creating an impactful business, or being the best version of yourself? 

It’s much simpler.

It’s all the same game… and the same rules apply.

So, if you no longer want to be blown through this cosmic glue like tumbleweed, I highly recommend you learn and practice this playing of energy.

The million dollar question

What adventures and possibilities might be yours through energy and force of will and intention and focus?

For me so far, this has literally turned into the $300 million dollar question. 

And for Steve Jobs, well beyond that.

So, who knows… 

It could be worth far more for you.



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