Where The Transformation Experienceand Financial Independence MeetTM

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Secrets to a Successful Startup:

A Recession-Proof Guide to Starting, Surviving & Thriving in Your Own Venture

No Matter What Major Stresses You Feel In Your
Life Right Now...
You Can Solve Them Instantaneously

It’s never too late to reinvent yourself and start a new adventure…

 one that allows you to be all you can be. 

And there’s never been a better time in history for you to gain the financial independence

 You’re seeking… regardless of the state of the economy 

The first step is to prepare for success

Transformation Experience leads to financial independence…

Not the other way around


Overnight success is at best fleeting…

But once you’re prepared for it, success can last a lifetime


This is the place where The Transformation Experience and Financial Independence meet.

Your Transformational Path To Financial Independence:


Read The Practical Magic of the 5-Hour Workday

Download the free E-Book  ‘The Practical Magic of the 5-Hour Workday’ to learn the scientific benefits behind a structured 5-hour workday… and why a balanced life is key to your success.


Read The three simple steps

New York Times bestseller Three Simple Steps is something different.

A must-read guide for everyone who wants to achieve more, live better and be happier.


COMPLETE The Transformation Experience Course

How Science + Magic… Can Radically Change the Results You’re Getting Now. This can take up to 30 days to complete.


Read Secrets to A Successful StartUP

When you’re ready for financial independence, read



Finally, create a Startup Business from home in just 5 hours a day with zero employees…  And write a check for total financial freedom


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Where The Transformation Experience and Financial Independence Meet™

Transformational Stories

“Absolutely profoundly life changing course shared by a totally authentic teacher. Every piece of information resonates on a deep level-practical scientific and spiritual all in one.”

- Declan S.

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Secrets to a Successful Startup

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“Three Simple Steps provided me with a clear and concise roadmap of how to take control of my life and ultimately live the life of my dreams. No more excuses. Trevor himself is the real deal. 


An authentic man who put into practice his own teachings and has became wildly successful by doing so. 


Because of Trevor, I’ve learned how to crack the code to happiness,despite what may be happening around me. I have one person to thank for it all, Trevor Blake.”

- Vanessa S.

Recent Articles by Trevor

- Ryan Moran


“Trevor, you changed lives today. Thank you.


I am more and more impressed with you each time we chat. The group is already commenting how much they enjoyed the last hour.


On a personal note, you have inspired me to think bigger and to enjoy the process even more. In my circle, I am known as the big thinker, but you have encouraged me to stretch that much further. That is no small thing for me…


 I could thank you all day and it not be enough. We will get this (your interview) posted on Capitalism.com soon, and it will touch the lives of thousands of people who hear it.” 

DOWN LOAD THE Free E-book: The Practical Magic of the 5-Hour Workday

In this FREE E-Book You Will Learn:

My personal work schedule for enhanced creativity & revenue generation

Quantum time bending for rapid business growth

How to marry life and business for a happy and balanced existence

Practical advice staying motivated to produce optimum results day in and 

Work Less Than 5 Hours A Day And Build A Multi-Million Dollar Venture New York Times Best-Selling Author, Trevor G. Blake

- Lisa M.

“Trevor makes it fun, interesting, and intriguing to lear and the best possible way of living life to the fullest… with Love, Joy, Courage, and Passion.

Since reading  3 Simple Steps and taking his online courses, my life has improved tremendously and continues to move in a positive direction.”

Welcome to something different

What’s different? Authenticity.

What you’ll find here is not coming to you from a management consultant who advises what makes a company successful without ever actually starting one.


It’s not coming to you from a self-help guru whose only success is a book that caught on after it dropped into Oprah Winfrey’s lap. (although if you know how to drop my books into her lap, feel free to do so : ).


It’s coming to you from a guy who has built and sold three startups in a decade for $300 million while never working more than 5 hours a day from his home office.


I know what it takes to start right and survive long enough to hit that home run while also living a fun, balanced life…

All of us aspire to joy, abundance, great health and a wonderful life. And all of us are actually on the path to this destination. We just don’t recognise it at times. After all, the journey can be laden with distractions.


So let me introduce you to Trevor Blake:


He has the most perfect relationship, being married to the love of his life. Starting with a few hundred dollars, he’s created companies and sold them for hundreds of millions (of dollars). He’s on his way to his next multibillion-dollar deal right now.


He has beautiful homes around the world. He has every material object he so desires.


But most importantly….


He has total inner peace and complete connection with nature and the Universe.
And he shares all of this, helping mankind and animals alike. He started with nothing. Well that’s not quite true – he started with vision and intention (and still has incredible intent).


After closing a deal worth more than $300 million, he took some time out. Whilst enjoying the fruits of his success, he put pen to paper and created what is now a New York Times bestseller Three Simple Steps.

He also created the course, Transformation — a practical guide on how to achieve huge success. He shows us how easy it is to harness the principles of the universe in order to fast track our own path and journey. If you’re skeptical, don’t be… Trevor explains it all in easy science.


Not content with this, Trevor has now written the ultimate guide to business success, Secrets to a Successful Start-Up.


And here’s the thing…


He wouldn’t want you to call him a self-help guru. A guru is exactly what he’s not. He’s not someone who’s made a fortune out of telling people how to do things without ever having done it themselves. His success is not derived from selling courses and giving glitzy stage shows with lots of razzmatazz.


Trevor doesn’t just talk the talk… he walks the walk. He follows his passion and shares the precise techniques he himself uses — and continues to use — as he travels down his path to continuous success, joy and happiness.


As Trevor says, “I can assure you, no one needs this knowledge more than me!” The formula is simple… and it’s there for you! Reach out and experience an amazing transformation. Thousands of us already have!”

- Andrew Pancholi,

Trading expert and creator of the ‘Market Timing Report”

About Trevor G Blake

Author of Three Simple Steps A New York Times Bestseller
Secrets to a Successful Start-up:
A Recession-Proof Guide to Starting,
Surviving & Thriving in Your Own Venture

Trevor G Blake was founder and CEO of QOL Medical LLC, a company focused on solutions for rare pediatric diseases, which he started in 2002 with a few hundred dollars. Its virtual business model was unique in an industry crying out for change, and it sold in 2010 for more than $100 million. Using the same business model in 2006, he founded & served as CEO ANU LLC to develop radio-sensitizing treatments for head and neck cancers. It sold in 2012. In 2008, he cofounded Neovia Oncology, a company developing first-in-class multi-target combination treatments for the most aggressive forms of cancer and serves as CEO. Neovia has…