Death, Spirituality, and Entrepreneurship – A Discussion With Pejman Ghadimi


Recently, I was fortunate enough to sit down and have a discussion with Pejman Ghadimi.Pejman is a best-selling author, an avid lover of philosophy, and a perennial student of life – he just happens to have also created companies grossing well over $420,000,000.I rarely meet someone with the open-mindedness and curiosity it takes to go down the various roads this conversation went.Whether we were talking about death, the multi-dimensional nature of the universe, or the changing energy of the world, Pejman was right there with a thoughtful question or a diplomatic challenge to my point of view.I believe that people with as much success as Pejman think about these subjects on a regular basis and use what we refer to in our community as “Wizardry” in their everyday lives. Still, they don’t often open up and feel free to talk about those (often taboo) inner subjects or allow others to do the same.This is not your typical “Hi, I’m a businessman” – “Oh wow, so am I. How do you do business?” type of discussion everyone is sick of hearing on podcasts nowadays.This one was different.There are some challenging topics within this video that might require you to use the observational skill set of the Wizard. Listen, observe, and react according to the reality you want to bring into existence. You can watch the full interview on the link in the comments.However, if you’re reading this post, I already know you have the same open-mindedness and curiosity I admire in people like Pejman. I know you’ll enjoy watching this discussion as much as I enjoyed having it.


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