Interview: 3 Exits, $600 Million, Zero Employees


I’ve been impressed by a number of entrepreneur hosts, most of them in fact. And, every now and again, a fresh voice with an original perspective shines.

Ryan Moran is one such shining light. 

I met with him prior to the podcast on his website, where he asserts that we’re here to empower entrepreneurs to create change in their lives and the lives of those around them. 

He wanted to check me out before having me as a guest — and I respect that caution and protective attitude to his clients. 

(I tell everyone to carefully check the background of any author or speaker before spending hard earned dollars and even more valuable time.)

 In our conversation, I disagreed with a few assumptions he made and his response to my alternative viewpoint was not dismissive like many others, but open minded. 

I think I might even have helped him rethink various aspects of his business — much as he, in turn, helped me rethink my opinion of social media marketing.

Ryan is a successful entrepreneur and it’s easy to see why. I believe he’ll go on to catapult his business to new levels. 

He’s definitely worth listening to and his intentions for his clients are genuine.

I hope you’ll take a moment and listen to the podcast interview below.

Today, I’m joined by Trevor Blake. Trevor’s the author of Three Simple Steps, the book I recommend most in 2020. He started his first business at age 43 and has subsequently grown and exited three businesses for a total of $600 million dollars. Now, he’s working on business #4. He’s done this without ever having a single employee.

We recorded this call for members of the Capitalism Incubator, our high-ticket coaching program for entrepreneurs who are building a million-dollar business in the next 12 months. Normally, calls like this are reserved only for members. But I couldn’t resist sharing this with you because he’s got such wise advice for brand owners seeking investors – among other gems too numerous to list.

Give it a listen, and let me know what braingasms you have.”

— Ryan Moran

Trevor Blake

· Interview with Ryan Moran at — Trevor Blake: 3 Exits, $600 Million, Zero Employees


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