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The Practical Magic of The 5-Hour Workday’ will get you into peak mental flow so you can do your best work from a place of energy, creativity and clarity, unlocking winning ideas and allowing you to reach your potential. 


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About Trevor G. Blake

Hi, I’m Trevor G. Blake, a multiple bestselling author and New York Times bestseller of ’Three Simple Steps, A map to success in business and life.’

I started my first business at the age of 43 and went on to sell 3 of my businesses for over $300m – which is quite extraordinary when you consider I grew up in poverty with virtually no advantage in my early years.

Since then, countless people have asked me what’s my secret to success – which is the reason why I created the webinar ‘3 Secrets To Escaping The Quicksand, Living Your Best Life & Accelerating Success In Every Area of Your Life With Confidence.’

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